Navigating International Collaboration: A 10-Day 3D Asset Production Project

3D Modelling Case Study

Introduction: 3D Modelling Case Study

This 3D Modelling Case Study sheds light on a 10-day 3D asset production project that demanded effective collaboration with an international client, considering different time zones and languages.

Client – PinkFong

YouTube Channel – Bebefinn 
Work – 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting for Kids YouTube Channel (With more than 20M subscribers on YouTube)
Software – Maya, V-ray
Artists – 3
Days – 10

Global Kickoff and Coordination

3D Case Study - Lighting

The project initiation involved aligning with our international client, setting clear expectations, and establishing communication channels that accommodated different time zones. Regular virtual meetings ensured seamless coordination.

Multilingual Conceptualization and Design

Collaboration with stakeholders from diverse linguistic backgrounds necessitated clear and concise communication. Conceptualization involved multilingual discussions, with design sketches and reference images transcending language barriers.

Time Zone-Friendly 3D Modelling Case Study

With team members scattered across various time zones, the 3D modeling phase was carefully organized. Tasks were distributed strategically, allowing for continuous progress as team members handed off work at the end of their respective workdays.

Real-time Collaboration on Rigging and Animation

Incorporating rigging and animation elements required real-time collaboration. Utilizing collaboration tools that supported instantaneous feedback facilitated an efficient workflow, enabling team members to work seamlessly regardless of their geographical locations.

Multilingual Documentation and Asset Naming

To ensure clarity in communication, all project documentation, including asset naming conventions, was translated into multiple languages. In addition, this approach prevented misunderstandings and streamlined collaboration between the international team members.

Global Feedback Loops and Iterative Reviews

Global virtual meetings were organized to accommodate various time zones, providing a platform for stakeholders to offer feedback. Iterative reviews were conducted, allowing for dynamic adjustments based on the input received from different regions.

24/7 Quality Assurance

The quality assurance phase operated around the clock. Team members in different time zones conducted thorough checks, addressing issues promptly, and ensuring that the project maintained high-quality standards throughout all stages.

International Finalization and Client Approval

Final approvals from the international client were obtained through virtual presentations that considered the availability of key stakeholders in different time zones. Moreover, this approach allowed for real-time discussions and swift decision-making.

3D Modelling Case Study

Globally Accessible Documentation

Comprehensive project documentation, translated into multiple languages, was made accessible to all stakeholders. Furthermore, this ensured that everyone involved could reference the project details regardless of their primary language.


The success of this 10-day international 3D asset production project underscores the effectiveness of a well-coordinated, multilingual approach. The strategic use of technology, thoughtful task distribution, and clear communication strategies mitigated the challenges posed by different time zones and languages, resulting in a seamless and successful collaboration. This 3D Modelling Case Study emphasizes the importance of adapting workflows to suit the dynamics of international projects.