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Unleashing Creativity: A Snapshot of 3D Services India’s Diverse Offerings

At 3D Services India, our 14 years of industry mastery reflect in a spectrum of services, creating a seamless blend of creativity and technical precision. Serving industry giants like Disney and Marvel, we stand as a trusted partner in the world of animation, VFX, and visual storytelling.

Matchmove & Camera Tracking:

Our matchmoving expertise ensures a flawless fusion of CGI with live-action footage, while our top-notch camera tracking adds versatility to your production, whether for film, advertising, or virtual reality.

Object Tracking & Layout Services:

Precision in CGI elements and compelling visual narratives define our advanced object tracking and layout services. Seamlessly incorporating virtual objects and meticulously planning scenes, we enhance the impact of your projects.

Lidar/Survey Data Integration & Multi-Camera Layout:

For enhanced visual accuracy, we integrate Lidar and survey data, bringing authenticity to your visuals. Our multi-camera layout services navigate complex scenes with smooth transitions, contributing to overall coherence.

Lens Distortion Correction & Anamorphic Solutions:

Eliminate visual distortions and explore cinematic possibilities with our lens distortion correction and anamorphic solutions. We enhance the visual quality of your footage and transform visuals with the unique aesthetic of anamorphic lenses.

2D Tracking & Rotoscoping:

Precision in visual effects is our forte. Our 2D tracking seamlessly blend dynamic elements into scenes, while our rotoscoping expertise ensures meticulous detailing for a polished final product.

In essence, at 3D Services India, our comprehensive suite of services extends beyond technical expertise to artistic innovation. From matchmoving to rotoscoping, we are your creative ally, unlocking the full potential of your visual storytelling journey.

Animation: Our animation breathe life into your projects, ensuring captivating storytelling and dynamic visual experiences. Whether you’re envisioning character animation, motion graphics, or complex 3D animations, our seasoned team brings creativity and technical finesse to every frame.

Post Production: Navigate the intricacies of post-production with confidence, as 3D Services India offers a comprehensive suite of services that redefine excellence.

  • Roto & Paint: Meticulous and precise, our Roto and Paint add the finishing touch to your visuals, ensuring seamless integration and a polished final product.
  • 3D Modelling: Transform your concepts into three-dimensional reality with our expert 3D modeling. From intricate designs to lifelike characters, our modeling expertise sets the stage for stunning visualizations.
  • Texture & Rigging: Immerse your creations in realism with our texture, adding depth and detail to every surface. Our rigging services provide the backbone for fluid and dynamic animations, ensuring your characters move with authenticity and grace.
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