Best Free Video Editing Software for 2023

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software

1. iMovie 
2. Lightworks
. Clipchamp
4. DaVinci Resolve
5. HitFilm
6. Shotcut
7. VideoPad
8. OpenShot
9. Kdenlive
10. Avid Media Composer


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– Free video editing software allows users to manipulate and enhance video footage without cost.
– These free tools are ideal for beginners or those on a budget, offering essential editing tools and effects for creating professional-looking videos.
– Many YouTubers and content creators rely on these software options for their reliability and feature set.
– When choosing the right software, consider factors like user interface, available tools, supported file formats, and ease of use.
– Master the tools and explore different editing techniques to edit videos like a pro using free software.
– Utilize online resources to improve your video editing skills.
– Some free video editing software options do not include watermarks, ensuring a clean final product.
– Embrace the opportunity to bring your video ideas to life without the need to spend a fortune.

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1- iMovie: Free Video Editing Software

Free video Editor Imovie
– Default video editing software for Mac users
– Simple and intuitive interface
– Basic editing tools: cutting, trimming, color correction, etc.
– Integration with iTunes for importing music
– Magic Movie feature for AI-assisted editing
– No upselling to premium version

2- Lightworks:

– Professional-grade free video editor
– Keyboard controls and cutting tools for large volumes of footage
– Impressive color correction options and video effects
– Powerful timeline and background processing
– Limited export options in the free version (up to 720p)
-Best Quality

3- Clipchamp: Free Video Editing Software

– Web-based video editing platform
– User-friendly interface and templates
– Access to free and paid stock footage
– Craft videos for social media with ease
– Acquired by Microsoft



4- DaVinci Resolve:

Da vinci resolve
– Emmy award-winning image technology
– Cloud-based workflow systems for remote collaborations
– Divided into ‘Pages’ for focused editing
– Trimming on the ‘Cut’ page, color adjustment on the ‘Color’ tab
– Wide range of supported formats, including output to Twitter
– Requires a powerful computer

5- HitFilm:

Best free video editor Hitfilm
– Fast and efficient video editing software
– Drag-and-drop transitions and presets
– Auto audio sync for easy sound adjustment
– Lighting effects for a cinematic feel
– Suitable for social video editing
-Best Quality

6- Shotcut:

video Shotcut
– Open-source and cross-platform video editor
– Supports numerous video and audio formats
– Drag-and-drop file management
– Robust software with occasional bugs
– Highly regarded by video creators
– Best Quality

7- VideoPad:

Best free video editor videopad– Intuitive and fast video editing tool
– Over 50 effects and transitions
– Supports various video formats
– Create title text animations using templates
– Record narrations in the app
– Available for desktop and iOS

8- OpenShot:

Best free video software Openshot
– Award-winning free video editing software
– Unlimited tracks for extensive editing
– Built-in animation framework
– Incorporate background videos, audio, and effects
– Works on Mac
– Windows
– Linux

9- Kdenlive:

Best free Sofware lightworks Kden
– Open-source video editing software
– Highly effective and collaborative
– Customizable interface and keyboard shortcuts
– Supports any audio or video format
– Best Quality
– Works with Linux

10- Avid Media Composer:

Best free video editor Avid
– Free video editing tool with modern interface
– Divided into workspaces for focused editing
– Multi-cam editing for aligning multiple angles
– Built-in VFX, filters, and plugins available
– Suitable for professional editing


What is video editing software?

Video editing software refers to computer programs or applications that allow users to manipulate and modify video footage, audio, and other elements to create a final edited video product.

Is free video editing software good enough?

Free video editing software can be good enough for basic editing needs. While free software may have limitations compared to paid options, many free video editors offer a range of features and tools that can still produce high-quality results. It ultimately depends on the specific software and the complexity of the editing tasks you wish to perform.

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

The choice of video editing software varies among YouTubers, as it depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular video editing software used by many YouTubers include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro (for Mac users), Sony Vegas Pro, and iMovie (for Mac users).

How do I choose the free video editing software that’s right for me?

To choose the right free video editing software for your needs, consider the following factors:

Compatibility: Ensure the software is compatible with your operating system.
Features: Assess the available editing tools and effects to see if they meet your requirements.
User interface: Look for a user-friendly interface that suits your editing style.
Learning curve: Consider the complexity and ease of learning the software.
Export options: Check if the software offers the desired output formats and quality.

How can I edit a video like a pro with Video Editing Software?

To edit a video like a pro for free, focus on the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the chosen free video editing software and explore its features.
  • Learn basic editing techniques, such as trimming, cutting, and applying transitions.
  • Pay attention to audio quality and use tools to enhance or adjust audio levels.
  • Experiment with color correction and grading to enhance visual appeal.
  • Utilize available effects and filters to add creative elements to your video.
  • Practice and refine your editing skills over time.

What’s the best with no watermark?

One of the best free video editing software options without watermarks is DaVinci Resolve. It offers a comprehensive set of editing features, professional-grade tools, and no watermarks on the exported videos. Other free options like Shotcut, Open Shot, and Lightworks also provide watermark-free editing capabilities. It’s always advisable to check the specific software’s features and export options to ensure it meets your watermark-free requirement.

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