Are you in need of the best Rotoscoping software for your 3D animation projects?

Do you want to bring life to your movie footage and create stunning visual effects? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 4 rotoscoping software options available in the market today.


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Adobe After Effects CS3  (Free version link for ROTOSCOPING)

    • Adobe After Effects CS3 is a powerful software used for creating motion graphics in films, videos, and DVDs.
    • It offers a range of features for re-creating motion images and smooth transitions, with the ability to import from Photoshop.
    • You can try Adobe After Effects CS3 for free with a 7-day trial version.
    • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32-bit.
    • Rotoscoping is a technique used in VFX.

Nuke by FoundryNuke Rotoscoping

      • Nuke is a widely used software for television and film post-production, including rotoscoping.
      • It offers user-friendly editing and customization options and is compatible with Windows OS.
      • Nuke is easy to install and requires minimal hardware or memory space.
      • Filmmakers use this to create a mask or matte for a specific element.

Fusion 360Autodesk

    • Regarded as one of the most effective software for rotoscoping, Fusion 360 boasts over three decades of experience in the VFX software industry.
    • With a streamlined and user-friendly interface, Fusion 360 strikes a balance between power, sophistication, and ease of use.
    • It comes packed with over 40 exceptional new features as Delta Keyer, camera tracking, planar tracking, and GPU acceleration.
    • Fusion 360 supports a range of formats and is an excellent choice for 2D to 3D animation projects. The mask helps manipulate or integrate the element into a scene.


    • Blender is an open-source and free 3D VFX software that offers a comprehensive set of tools for animation, modeling, rendering, video editing, and more.
    • It is widely used for creating 3D animations, video games, interactive applications, and even 3D printed models.
    • Blender can be combined with other software and operating systems to achieve high-quality motion graphics rendering.
    • Its versatility makes it suitable for various types of rotoscoping and complex animation tasks.
    • It makes it possible to achieve special effects that can be difficult, expensive, or impossible to create in real life.

Rotoscoping also plays a crucial role in live-action films, and several notable examples of its use include movies like Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, TRON, and Cinderella.

Best Rotoscoping 3D services India

In summary, if you are looking for the best rotoscoping software, consider the options mentioned above. Each software offers unique features and capabilities, allowing you to bring your 3D animation projects to life and create stunning visual effects. Choose the one that suits your needs and start exploring the endless possibilities of rotoscoping in your animations.

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