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VFX and Animation Careers

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Discover VFX and Animation Opportunities

At 3D Services India, we go beyond animation. We’re storytellers who use visuals to convey narratives. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a professional looking for short-term projects, or a future team member, let’s delve into the exciting possibilities for VFX and Animation Careers.

Shape Your Dreams with 3D Services India

Join 3D Services India to nurture your creative spirit. Here, your ideas count, your skills grow, and your potential knows no bounds.

Explore Different VFX and Animation Paths

1. 2D/3D Animator: Breathe life into characters and scenes, adding motion that resonates with audiences.
2. VFX Artist: Seamlessly blend digital and live-action, creating captivating visual effects.
3. 3D Modeler: Craft intricate 3D models that seamlessly integrate into our storytelling.
4. Story Integrator: Blend virtual and real worlds, making narratives come alive.
5. Rigging Specialist: Bring characters and objects to life through expert rigging.
6. Animation Enthusiast: Illuminate stories with captivating 2D and 3D animations.

Your Path Forward

Diverse Projects: Engage in projects ranging from explainer videos to mesmerizing animations.
Global Impact: Contribute to narratives that transcend boundaries.
Cutting-Edge Tools: Access advanced software to enhance your creativity.
Collaborative Atmosphere: Be part of a team where ideas flourish.
Recognition: Elevate your brand on a global scale.
Your Choice: Opt for freelance, contract, or permanent roles.

Remote Opportunities

Open doors to remote VFX and animation positions, contributing from anywhere.

Essentials for Success

Your passion for storytelling, software proficiency, attention to detail, and commitment drive your VFX and Animation careers.

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Embark on a rewarding journey in VFX and animation careers with 3D Services India, a distinguished industry player for over 13 years. Our impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned clients such as Disney, Marvel, BBC, Sony, and more. Join our team to channel your creative passion into captivating visual storytelling. Your skills will thrive in an environment that has been shaping narratives for a decade, crafting compelling animations that resonate globally. Elevate your career with us and become part of a legacy defined by excellence and innovation.

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