In a world where animation has become an integral part of entertainment, 2D animation is making a significant comeback. What is 2D Animation? This age-old art form is experiencing a revival, finding its place in TV shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps, and websites. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of  animation, covering what it is, what animators do, career opportunities in the field, the best software to use, salary expectations, and the promising future of 2D animation.

What is 2D Animation?

What is 2D animation

2D animation is like bringing pictures to life in a flat space. It’s about making characters, creatures, effects, and backgrounds move. This magic happens when you put different drawings together over time. Usually, there are 24 frames in one second, making it look smooth. But depending on the style, you might have as many as 24 unique drawings in one second (24 frames per second) or just two. In 2D animation, people often work on “2s,” meaning there’s a drawing every two frames (12 frames per second). This not only saves time and money but also gives 2D animation its special look.

In the past, 2D animation was done with pencils and paper. But now, it’s moved to the digital world. Artists use software like Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe After Effects to make their art come alive. If you want to learn the basics of 2D animation, you can take a course like the “Bachelor of Digital Art” with a focus on animation.

The Current Landscape of 2D Animation

– Firstly, People are loving 2D animation again in TV, games, ads, and more.
– Secondly, TV shows like “Rick and Morty” and “F is for Family” use it. So do ads, mobile apps, and websites.
– In Addition, Even on Snapchat, there are fast 2D shows.
– There are lots of new 2D video games, like “Cuphead.”
– Of Course, People need 2D animators who are good at their job.
– There are many jobs in TV, ads, and online content for 2D animators.
– Finally, It’s a great time to be a 2D animator with lots of job opportunities.

Best 3D Animation Software

What Does a 2D Animator Do?

– 2D animators are like storytellers in a flat world.
– They make characters, things, and backgrounds move to tell a story.
– Their job is more than just drawing; it’s about making characters move in a way that keeps the audience interested.
– They do things like drawing, designing characters, planning the story, adding cool effects and lastly, making everything move smoothly.
– They’re a part of the whole animation process, from planning, through making it, to the final touches.
– In the planning stage, they work on the story, characters, and how they’ll move.
– During the making stage, they give life to the characters with motion, color, and more.
– The last stage adds sounds and cleans everything up.
– Since it’s a team effort, they need to be good at talking and working with others.

Career Opportunities in 2D Animation

2D animation offers a wide range of career opportunities in diverse sectors, including feature films, TV shows, video games, and advertising. Here’s the exciting part: if you’re studying animation, you won’t be confined to a single job title. Furthermore, The industry offers a multitude of roles, and with technology evolving rapidly, new positions are continually emerging. Some roles in the animation field include:

– Animator
– Animation Supervisor
– Animation Director
– Games Developer
– Character Designer
– Storyboard Artist
– Illustrator
– Graphic Designer
– Motion Designer

What’s more, 2D artists can transition to 3D animation if they choose, although the reverse transition can be more challenging. The animation industry is diverse, and there’s a role for every creative mind.

2D Animation Software

To create professional two dimensional videos, it’s essential to learn industry-standard software that major studios use. At CG Spectrum, students master 2D animation using Toon Boom Harmony, renowned for its versatility and features. Here, Other popular software includes Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Encore. Learning one of these programs makes it easier to adapt to others, as the principles of animation remain consistent.

Salary Expectations

Salary expectations in the animation industry can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the specific sector within the industry. On average, entry-level salaries can range from $43,000 USD, while mid-level animators can earn an average of $74,000 USD. As per Glassdoor, These figures can vary considerably depending on your role’s seniority and may be higher than the averages mentioned here.

The Promising Future of 2D Animation

The future of animation looks very bright. Even though 3D animation is still big, 2D animation is becoming more important. Recent awards for shows like “Rick and Morty” and movies like “Mary Poppins Returns” prove that people love animation. Artists are trying new things, and people like it.

Technology, like Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, is helping animation grow. What’s more, these tools make animation feel like the old days but work better with new technology. New jobs and chances are coming in animation.

two dimensional video creation  is a growing field with lots of chances to be creative. If you want to be a 2D animator, you can get help from professionals and join a community of people who love animation. The world of animation is ready for your ideas and creativity.

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