TOP 10 AI for 3D Modeling – 2024


Lumalabs – AI for 3D Modeling

Logo Lumalabs

Lumalabs harnesses the power of AI to swiftly generate lifelike 3D images and environments. Its comprehensive features cater to both beginners and professionals, offering scalability and efficiency in asset production.

User-Friendly Interface: Lumalabs AI prioritizes accessibility, offering an intuitive interface that minimizes the learning curve.
Lifelike 3D Images: Leveraging advanced algorithms, Lumalabs AI produces stunning visual representations that rival traditional modeling techniques.
Streamlined Workflow: Lumalabs AI automates repetitive processes, enabling faster iteration and refinement of 3D designs.


3D Modeling AI Moonlander leads the transformation of the gaming industry with its Unity SDK and innovative copilot feature.

Immersive Gaming Experiences: provides game designers with intuitive tools to craft immersive gaming experiences effortlessly.

Thumbnail showing the Logo and a Screenshot of Scenario redefines the gaming experience by enabling users to create and play custom scenarios.

– Limitless Customization:’s AI generators foster limitless customization, making it a game-changer for gamers and developers alike.

Decor8 AI – AI for 3D Interior Design Modeling 

3D Modeling AI Decor8 AI

Decor8 AI revolutionizes interior design with its AI-powered visuals and seamless user experience.

– Realistic Visualizations: Decor8 AI generates realistic interior design visuals in a matter of seconds, facilitating rapid prototyping and design exploration.
– Instant Visualization: Users can experiment with different styles, layouts, and color schemes instantly.

Fabricator by VMOD – AI for 3D Modeling and Texturing


Fabricator empowers users to generate stunning fabric textures with just a few prompts.

– Versatile Textures: Fabricator offers endless creative possibilities for designers with its hyper-realistic texture generation capabilities.

Tripo AI

Tripo Logo

Tripo AI sets a new standard in 3D model generation with its unparalleled speed and precision.

– Smart, Accurate Models: Developed from vast datasets, Tripo AI delivers smart, accurate models catering to a wide range of creative pursuits.

Masterpiece Studio

Thumbnail showing the Logo for 3D Modeling AI Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio provides indie creators with a comprehensive AI-powered suite for 3D content creation.

– Effortless Workflow: Masterpiece Studio’s workflow and VR compatibility make it a go-to tool for animators, architects, and game developers.
– Valuable Insights: The platform offers valuable insights to optimize workflow, ensuring that everyone stays aligned and productive.

Origami by Tanso

Origami AI for 3D Modeling

Origami streamlines CAD design processes with its AI-powered co-pilot.

– Real-time Guidance: Origami accelerates product development by offering real-time guidance and automating tasks.

Tutorial –

Scout by AsseterAI

Thumbnail showing logo for Scout AI

Scout by AsseterAI simplifies asset discovery across 3D stock marketplaces with its AI-powered search engine.

– Fast and Intuitive: Whether searching by image or assembling complex scenes, Scout offers a fast and intuitive solution for creators.

Meshy – AI for 3D Modeling and Texturing

AI for 3D Modeling Meshy

Meshy’s AI production suite streamlines 3D content creation with its intuitive tools and library of customizable assets.

– Rapid Generation: Perfect for artists and designers, Meshy enables the rapid generation of realistic 3D models.

Spline – AI for 3D Modeling

Spline Logo

Spline offers a comprehensive suite of tools for designing and customizing 3D models.

– Precision and Efficiency: With its fast AI rendering and robust feature set, Spline is ideal for architects, graphic designers, and engineers seeking precision and efficiency.

As AI continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, these cutting-edge tools represent just a glimpse of the transformative potential in the ever-evolving landscape of 3D design and development.

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