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3D services India brings cutting edge visual effects (VFX) and Post Production Services to a whole new level! With a team of outstanding and passionate professionals, we can make your video amazing.



Digital Matte Painting

Digital Matte Painting Embark on a journey of visual splendor with our Digital Matte Painting services. Our skilled artists craft breathtaking backgrounds and environments, seamlessly blending reality and imagination to transport your audience to new realms.

Particle Simulation

Particle Simulation Ignite your screen with dynamic energy using our Particle Simulation expertise. Whether it’s fiery explosions, mesmerizing water effects, or ethereal atmospheres, our team of specialists breathes life into your scenes through cutting-edge particle dynamics.

Virtual Set Extension

Dynamic Lighting and Shading Immerse your audience in visual richness with our Dynamic Lighting and Shading services. Our experts play with light and shadow to accentuate textures, contours, and atmospheres, adding depth and realism to every frame of your video.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture Integration Step into the future of filmmaking with Motion Capture Integration. Our state-of-the-art technology captures the nuances of human movement, transforming live performances into captivating digital characters that seamlessly blend into your narrative.

Lighting and Shading

Green screen removal can sometimes be excruciating; especially when you have a long video material with a lot of action! We remove your green screen and make it transparent or we place a background of your choice instead. We are the visual effects Studio that can save you time and headaches on this tedious job!

3D Visualization

Interactive 3D Visualization Immerse your audience in a world of interactive storytelling with our Interactive 3D Visualization services. From architectural walkthroughs to product presentations, we transform ideas into engaging, interactive experiences that captivate and inform.

Character Animation

Character Animation Bring characters to life with our Character Animation services. From lifelike movements to exaggerated expressions, our animators infuse personality and emotion into your digital creations, ensuring that every character becomes a memorable part of your story.

Augmented Reality (AR) Effects

Augmented Reality (AR) Effects Break the boundaries between the virtual and real world with our Augmented Reality (AR) Effects. Elevate your storytelling by superimposing digital elements onto the physical world, creating interactive and immersive experiences that captivate your audience.

Discover the endless possibilities of visual storytelling with our diverse range of VFX services. Elevate your content, captivate your audience, and redefine the art of storytelling with our cutting-edge solutions. Ready to bring your vision to life? Connect with us today and let the magic unfold!

If you are looking for a VFX and Post Production Outsourcing Studio Partner then 3D Services India is the best option. We invite you to check our portfolio to see what we can do for you!

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I had a very positive experience working with 3D Services India, especially working with Ron. I found Ron so helpful, he would reply to all emails very quickly and helpfully. Their fees were very reasonable and the quality was very high. Ron and his team were very accommodating with our timelines and speeding up the workflow for us when we needed something quickly. Ron was very flexible and patient with evolving briefs and schedules. I would definitely work with Ron and 3D Services again.

Agile Films

3D SERVICES INDIA provides speedy delivery while maintaining good quality. We are happy to outsource tasks like rotoscoping or matchmoving to 3D SERVICES INDIA. What we get is good quality, a good price-performance ratio as well as high service orientation. We are happy to return!

Make Vision

We were very happy with the service we received, 3D services India were quick to respond from the start to the end of the process and were friendly and pleasant to work with. They were flexible towards our budget constraints and worked hard to ensure that we were completely satisfied with the end product. I would definitely use again and recommend to others.

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